How to Get Pandora in Canada

This is the story of how I finally regained access to Pandora in Canada, even though it has not been available here for years.


Years ago, when a nifty little site called Pandora first went online, 2005 I think it was, I quickly became a fan (or maybe addict is a better word.) What was not to like? A service that not only allowed you to listen to a huge selection of music online but also matched that music to your tastes to create unique ‘radio’ stations that never stopped pumping out tracks you love.

In 2007, all of that changed and Pandora stopped being available to those of us who live in Canada. Issues with rights, the company said before closing off access to everyone in the world except for our US buddies.

Even though years have passed, that fact still irked me. By all accounts, reading blogs and articles, Pandora has become not just a great service, but an absolutely brilliant one. Now you can stream their content across all kinds of different mobile devices, the music library is bigger than ever and they even offer other genres of listening content, like comedy shows. So the fact that all of this is still off limits to Canadians, in a word, sucks.

So, imagine my delight when I stumbled across a service called Blockless. Essentially I could use it to turn my Internet connection into a completely borderless one. Using Blockless, I gained access to a whole new world of content, as well as to my old favourite, Pandora. And yes, it is a 1000% better than I remember it all those years ago. I now listen to my Pandora stations – and I have created a lot of them – on my desktop at home and the one at work, on my iPhone and the kids even stream it on their Playstation 3, all thanks to Blockless.

So, in order to help my fellow Canadians gain access to all of the great music and content we have access to with Pandora, I thought I’d write up this little tutorial to show you all just how easy it is to use Blockless and become  true ‘citizen of the world’ on the Internet:

How Does Blockless Work?


Step 1)  Click here to go to Blockless

Enter your email where it says Try it Free & click Start Trial (picture below)


Step 2)  Confirm your details on the signup page


Step 3)  Note down the two IP addresses shown for step 5.


Step 4)  Choose how you want to set up Blockless


Step 5) You’ll now be forwarded to the Setup Instructions.

Choose the type of router or specific device you want to stream Pandora on. (PC, Xbox, PS3, Iphone, Wii, etc)






Thats it you are done! In a few minutes you will be listening to Pandora anywhere in the world!

So this Blockless site gives you a 7 day free trial, they do not ask for your credit card or anything, just your e-mail so they can send you setup instructions. After 7 days if you want to continue with their service you pay them $4.95 a month and if you don’t, your account is automatically cancelled. Its that simple.

Recently they introduced a yearly subscription for just $49.95 with the first two months free!

What else can Blockless do??

Blockless isn’t just for unlocking  Pandora Radio. It’s also for unlocking Hulu, BBC & loads of other American only content. You can even access Facebook with their VPN from school or work where its been blocked.

Other services VS Blockless
Blockless is the best because its quite simple and easy to use compared to other services out there. You will be listening to Pandora in Canada within minutes after set up, plus its free for a week so what is there to lose?